Mulga Bill's bicycle

I’m staying in the north of the Netherlands with a friend who grew up with my dad. This guy has known me since before I was born! It feels so cosy and familiar to be here — a blend of Aussieness and Europeanness that feels just right.

Last night I listened to my friend read a chapter from a book, which he recorded and shared to a little group of his friends and family across the world. It was so beautiful! I loved the idea, as a form of connection and community.

I was inspired to do something similar. I had a dig in the Magic Box and found a couple of poetry books I could start with...

So, here’s one of my fave poems from my fave poet, Banjo Paterson. Old mate Banjo wrote his bush poetry in Australia in the late 1800s. Some of the language is a bit old-timey, and there are some deffo Aussie terms in there. But it’s very fun.

It’s about a bloke called Mulga Bill, who decides that it’s time to trade in his horse for a fancy new bicycle. He’s confident of his ability to ride, but things don’t go quite as anticipated...

I send this out with love to all my nieces and nephews around the world. Those already here, and those arriving soon. I look forward to reading stories to all the little tackers in person sometimes, but until then, get settled in and listen to Aunty Jess share a Banjo yarn. 

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