Balcony couch

My husband and I love to spend time on our balcony: enjoying the nature, watching the weather and spying on squirrels.

For summer 2016, we decided our cosiness factor needed to level up, so we visited the local Kierrätyskeskus (recycling centre) and bought a couch. It was kinda one of those times, when you don't expect to come home with a white leather couch for your weather-exposed balcony... but somehow it happens.

We obviously needed to protect the couch somehow...

I had a large plastic sheet that I previously used to protect the floor during painting sessions. But now we had a more urgent need!

I cut it to shape, and stitched it with fishing line. I used a bit of duct tape across the seams for extra protection.

The tape doubled as visual indicators for the front and edges of the cover — which makes it a lot easier to handle when removing and re-covering the couch. After some use though, we realised we could lift and push the cover up over the back of the couch, with no need to remove it entirely. That made life even easier!

Bonus pic, early autumn panorama... note the pool noodles, which provide cushiony comfort for our feet when we recline on the couch. :)