• Certified Coach
    Genius Coaching, AZ USA

  • Accredited Editor
    Institute of Professional Editors, Australia

  • Justice of the Peace (Qual.) (Australia)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics)
    University of New England, NSW Australia


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Working with Jessie has helped change the way I think and act, to be more positive and more constructive. The process we worked through showed me how to break down the overwhelming whole into manageable steps, which I could take one at a time.

I liked doing the assessments, and the results were insightful. I used to think of myself as normal, but exploring the assessment results with Jessie let me see my uniqueness and exceptional qualities.

Talking made things clearer for me.  Jessie’s precise questions prompted me to consider new perspectives, and contemplate directions I had not realised were open to me. Jessie didn’t provide the solutions herself, but she gave me with the tools I needed to remove my own obstacles.

David Wells, artist