Door tree (TBC)

This is an ongoing project, about a tree.

I love watching the nature around my home, and there is one beautiful tree that the squirrels particularly love to play in. I found an unused door in storage, so I thought I might give it some fresh life.

First I just started painting a heavy blue sky.


But then.... I changed my mind, and needed to visit the in-laws to borrow some power tools.

That's my beautiful youngest nephew watching me work.

So then I had a blank canvas again, and this time the grain of the wood was exposed. This time I applied the paint very lightly, so that the wood grain adds a hint of texture through it. I didn't take any specific photos of this stage, but you can see it, kinda, behind me here...

More than 6 months later, I've returned to this project, and the first layer of branches are now down.

To be continued...!