Ooh, this is a new frontier for me.

Not the conversations part.

Not even the catalyst part.

More the saying-this-is-what-I-do part.

But it’s true. I have conversations with people, and we spark new ideas for each other. I help people to connect dots. To clarify their own thoughts. To reach new conclusions, to see new perspectives, to challenge accepted beliefs.

It might sound like a casual chat with your friend or your aunty, and that’s what it feels like too — personal and warm and genuine. But there is a bit more going on behind the scenes. In each conversation, I draw on a variety of tools — including a coaching certification, cultural communication studies, and a little bit of magic…

Thru the simple power of conversation, I can provide the catalyst to change your life.

Want to give it a try?

Photo credit: Manka Photography

Photo credit: Manka Photography