I’m an improver. I’m at my best when I can take an existing project, situation or concept, and figure out how to make things better.

I’m an organiser. Where many others see chaos, I see order waiting to emerge. I’m the kind of girl who catalogues and alphabetises her library for fun.

I’m a creative. I think art and beauty are important facets of the human experience, and I like to incorporate these into my work wherever possible.

Jessie Cat, 2015.

Jessie Cat, 2015.

I am Jessie Cat, an Australian who transplanted to Finland in 2012. I have:

  • worked in a museum, for an international high IQ organisation, for an international music publisher; and spent a lot of time in the not-for-profit world, in the health and wellness industry, in the cultural heritage sector…

  • been an educator, an archaeologist, a youth advocate, a museum project coordinator, a magazine editor, an event coordinator, a festival bar manager, a stilt-walking instructor, an artist, an office manager, a warehouse packer, a customer service representative, a mural painter, a carer, a graphic designer, a social media manager, a personal assistant…

  • designed and delivered education programs; spoken at conferences; appeared on television, radio and in newspapers; authored and illustrated a children’s activity book; taken an archaeology-for-kids program on tour; and once I got fired for climbing a mountain in the nude.

I like tea, jigsaw puzzles, and the Oxford comma.

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